A Betting Enthusiast’s Review of SW418live

s888 live bet


s888 live bet

S888live looks to be a website enabling players and agents to place live bets. Some of the links provided on the website’s home page, such as the “Google Plus” and “Contact Us” links, don’t work. The website may still be under construction, although given that the domain name was registered in 2021 January , this is improbable.

The facebook link points to vincepogi, also known as Hisoka Kuhn. And that setting is intentional.

fb s888 live

It’s odd that a business website links to a person’s social media profile.
Yet another page, which can be found here on Facebook, appears to be the genuine s888live page:

fb s888 live1
According to the s888 facebook banner, the website offers live betting, which necessitates financial transactions. May 2021 saw the creation of the page.

S888.live Login

There is no option for new client registration, therefore the login is only accessible to clients who already have accounts. Facebook links take you directly to the website where you can register for live betting. However, you are advised to contact an agent after entering your information.

An avid bettor may find this to be quite annoying. You cannot simply keep leading people in circles. After three tries, I gave up. S888.live appears to be a closed-door betting network that only accepts members known to the purported “agents.”


S888’s trustworthiness is really low. Why?

S888.live’s trustworthiness is quite low. This is clear sign that the website can be fraud. We used a computer program to rate s888.live. The algorithm has looked at the website’s source code, terms and conditions, registry, firm location, and whether or not it has received a lot of positive or bad feedback.
We assigned this website a very low score based on our findings. We strongly advise you to further check whether a website is indeed safe to use if it earns a very low rating from us. Before continuing, we ask that you read our essay on how to spot a scam website.